Creative Rhythms Facilitator Training (Introductory to CRFT Program)

This 2-Day training is a great option for anyone interested in

  • Becoming an Apprentice, Intermediate or Advanced Level CR Facilitator

  • Using creative pathways for developing your leadership skills

  • Starting a community founded on creative expression

  • Strengthening an existing community with customized goals

  • Exploring ways to lead heart-centered events

  • Learning how to co-facilitating with others

  • Discovering tips and tricks for creating a safe, nurturing space for diverse, group activities

The training offers an easy-to-customize format for building or shifting community foundations. It is ideal for existing and newly formed groups. Our workshops are enjoyed by participants in all of these settings: schools, hospitals, sober living communities, businesses, community centers, colleges, libraries, senior living residences, wellness centers, spiritual communities, veterans services, youth centers, summer camps, cafes, campgrounds, gyms, conferences, retreats, fairs, and festivals.

UPCOMING DATES @ LAC: June 8-9, 2019 or September 14-15, 2019

Dates for fall or spring 2-Day trainings plus drum event